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Fortunate Isles

by Pirates City

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Another boring day, no need to stay. I'm thinking of you, on this messy bed. You say I'm crazy 'cause, you don't want me anymore. I Know I am not the (Only) One, I'm more afraid of you. Remember what you said. This moment kills me again. Remember when you close the door. Better all alone. Why always close your phone? Is this the saddest song? Behind your false disguise, I will never pay the price. I see the lies. You think I'm fine, but all the time, I'll wait for you. Your eyes on drugs, one hundrend times. Is it a crime? “Never!”, You said. A Stormy Night. This time I feel. The things I say, come true. My songs are bled, my life, so small. Your heart is just, broke. Sea of broken dreams. Colours on your nails. Empty abyss of space. A touch on crummy face. The anchor on the seabed. How many years we live? A story of life begins. I will face my fears! Her bizarre dresses. In weird places.
Below Zero 02:35
Future's bleed our freedom's lost. Living without living at all. Yyou don't lead a healthy life When you're falling, when you are failing. Everything you said to me was lies, one more time yeaaaah. Just give us one more chance, one more fight to beat them down. Fighting the revolution, screaming God please don't forget us. Down this lonely road. Down this empty broken road. The truth is lost, and you're left alone. Can't fight the pain. There is nothing to gain.
Growing up, everyday, with a gun in my head feeling like, I'm in an endless night. I never lost a fight but it hurts so bad tonight, cause all the things I want to show you disappear. It all changed so fast. My head was blowing up. It seems so hard to cross it, but I still making up. But I still making up. I still making it up. I have been dreaming for so long. I feel like a clown. What's the meaning of my life? Are we gonna die tonight? All these stupid people said, if I ever breathe again? All the things you can't forget. Us out of control. I have been dreaming for so long. I'm bettter off on my own. I have been dreaming for so long. We can do so much more! We don’t give a fuck about your stupid lies. We’re the forgotten sons you threw away! We don’t give a fuck about your stupid lies. You are the crooked fucks, you’ll bleed today!
Suicide Pub 03:46
And I'm falling, and I'm falling. I drink rum ‘til the morning. And I'm falling, always crying. I feel like 66. Now she left me. Doesn't feel me. Oooh my God, babe please forgive me. Strange whispers. Locks on my door. And I realize, it's all my fault. All the freaks that inspired me. They leave, after they killed me. I thought that a high would make me feel better, but now I'm just a burn out. And I'm falling, and I'm falling. I drink rum ‘til the morning. And I'm falling, always crying. I feel like 66. Ooohoh ooohohoh The sun scorches the ground. Ooohoh ooohohoh Always drop me down. Ooohoh ooohohoh Your past will always be there. Ooohoh ooohohoh wind blows my hair, around.
Tonight, a burning thought. In my mind, a dream so old. In my heart, a rising flame. But they try to take it away. An elderly man with a smile on his face. He asked me if I’m captain, I said All my friends are pirates. “Yo ho ho, what a great day this be?” He told me while laughing, he yelled “The black will always call me back.” At sea, he wanted to set sail, again Like the good old days, hunting prey with captain Vane. Now he drinks rum in the local pub, alone and all the people say, he’s the mad fool of this bay. Babe School Band Job Car Girl Pub University My identity This is my life My reality Ooooh Chasing dreams, turning wild. Black flag waving in the sky. skull and crossbones scare away, all those who don’t dare to stay. I said pirates fuck em all. I said pirates fuck em all. Pirates fuck em all. Its the word everyone should know. And as the wind spread tales up in the sky. He looked (at) me with a straight dead eye. "Boy, you ain't got what it takes, the sea's a god damned wicked place." "The salt and blood will tear you apart and alcohol will fill your heart go find a lass and settle down this world's so rough you'll fucking drown" "I won't back down, I'm setting sail." "With fists up high I will prevail." His eyes lit up, he starts to laugh and calmly reaches for his back The gun was pointed straight at me, then puts it right up to his chin, a large bang and a pool of blood, and all his dreams spilled on the wall.
Mother 04:08
Today, the time has finally come to, run straight, and do the things you kept on hold. Grab life by the hair and leave them wondering. This ship's set up to sink, and you won't drown with it. Dispise, this chain of never-ending lies. Sometimes, there is no way to compromise. You're always on the clock, they'll never let you stop. Don't bite the hand that feeds, devour it from within. Well now mother don't you lose your sleep tonight. Your little boy's grown to a man. With both fists in the air I won't be petrified. I'll never stop staring at the sky. Restrain, the aching feeling to give up. Today, there's nothing that can make you stop. The fear makes you weak, move up your trembling feet. Show them your heart and soul, there is no time to stall. Stand up and take a chance against the odds. Fight back, it's turning to an all-out war. The city's burning up, our voices reach the stars. Protecting what is ours, that's what it's all about.
Rum Nights 04:35
Grabbed my bag and slammed the door. My feelings left behind and a word to explore. I had nothing inside my mind. No one to confront me, and none to say goodbye. I walked through town, my vision short. I wouldn't stop for nothing till I got to the port. The road was dark, no lights ahead. I mummbled through my lips, "I hope this town was dead". Was almost there, next to the shore. Until I heard a voice, that I couldn't ignore. Waves come crashing down. As I'm leaving town. I didn't feel I'd miss a thing, until the moment I saw you running to catch me. With those watering eyes (With those watering eyes) I found a new way to survive. Filled with determination, my dreams could come alive. But as the distant shore just fades I hear the wake up call, I have to get away (I have to get away now) So many people around, so many places i've found. The thoughts just spin in my head, what if tommorrow I'm dead? I'd never call this place my home. My head stuck between my feet, i get up clenching my teeth. The days go by with the wind, I have a promise to keep. But is there someone that remembers? In the crack of dawn. Rumors still untold. Grab my pen and write them down, there's a reason even if you're not around. And the story still goes (And the story still goes) And as I go with the time, the pictures I've left behind, are taunting me to go back, I wish I had some more luck. I'm so sorry, I didn't say goodbye. I've grown in body and mind, the fire inside was alive. But I will never regret, the way that this time was spent. I think it's time to catch up with you tonight. Travelled many miles. Saw a thousand smiles. But no one took your place its true, and in the end it was only me and you. Silhouettes in the dark (Silhouettes in the dark)
Love is a place of darkness, find your corner,share a thought with us. And if your body shakes you, every second brings your lucky back. When i was full of madness, and desire, for your pretty sight. Beautiful people make me, wanna play them, wanna be inspired. Their love will turn me crazy, search in haze, make my dreams up high. Cause you are so mysterious, precious, mortal, dangerous in my life. In these dismal nights. Always on my mind. In these moments of rush. When the waves crash. you always keep on asking. you are raunchy,there's no other fight. and we have kissed in heaven, taught us ''go down, see if you are lucky and hide". What a greater thing there is. Be one another in silence, inside, the light a secret reflection, makes us feel and burst into the fire. Where the fuck are we? You sat down next to me, and I forgot to breath. Where the fuck are we? What have you done to me? What have you done to me?
Really need these pills, i don't know what the fuck is going on. Really need these drugs, I’m tired of being always fucking wrong. To the number of nights spent in hospital. And watching the movie, "The Broken Circle (ooh) Breakdown!" I don't know why, your smile reminds me, she, she is the only girl I need, on these adventures times of parody. I am on way. I'am always temperate, but I feel like shit today. She screaming and smash the TV screen. Break it up (it's just a bad day) oooooh Break it up (not a bad life) When I go to my village in West Crete, I hate my dreams when are so realistic. When I drink wine from our barrel, arrives the moment that, I'm on the floor, thinking what it happens? Because of you.
How the hell did we end up like this? When did this pain erased our bliss? How this friendship was ever dismissed? Becoming perfect enemies. A sea thoughts inside my mind. Memories of a long passed life. Reminds me of the rage inside. I wish nothing happened. “Everything is fine”. A lioness full of beauty and scars. deluded and guileless, devouring hearts. a lone wolf full of pain and pride. leaking his wounds, biding his time. We started a war, we both did our part. Disconnection and silence. It all fell apart. This road is paved with Innocence' blood. But I paid my dues and enough is enough! I think I' wasted my time. The bridge of our love is falling. I was waiting for you. A thousand days of choking. These eyes, they never close. Emblem of vigilance. I sit here like a fool. You are lying. You are lying, now. I'm in this hell-pit all alone. I'm never breaking down. I'll fight my way out, or Hell-king I'll be crowned. I think I' wasted my time. Its time to stop myself from crawling. People say never give up but, today? I'm not ok. This voice, will always shout. Emblem of injustice. I sit here like a fool. You are lying. You are lying, now. I’ll accept it all inside. By past deeds was defined. I’ll find my peace of mind. And the good times will be mine. You have brought out the black, the one I struggled to hold back. You have brought out the black, the one I struggled to hold back.


Our second English-language album release, and the fourth album of our career.
With the addition of a new member in the crew and a new instrument in the mix, in the form of our cellist Evans with his cello, we push our sound in a new direction.

In this record, the band takes a deeper look inward, facing inner demons and interpersonal struggles, while going through a very stressful writing process.

This album is about the battle that rages inside of us.


released July 12, 2019

Studio ΗΧΟΒΡΥΧΙΟ - www.facebook.com/ihovrihio
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Γιώργος Παυλίδης - www.facebook.com/ihovrihio
Recover Studios - recoverstudio.gr

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Pirates City




Pirates City Athens, Greece

"Pirates City" is a band based in Galatsi, Greece. Our sound fuses the styles of Punk, Rock, Ska, Reggae and Gypsy together into our own unique blend.

Forming out of the need to express our thoughts and emotions on many social, political and personal issues. We try to raise awareness and offer emotional relief and hope to the people.
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